Game Killer APK Download for Android

The Game Killer APK download is an Android app that modifies coins, gems, etc. in Android games by altering games' memory. The reason why this application is called as Game Killer (GK) is unknown. However, this application is not used for killing games.

It only helps you hack Android games to unlock abilities or coin values in the games for fun and profit. This app has over 10 million downloads by making it the most downloaded app of all the apps not available on Google Play store.

It is easy to use and supports the maximum number of games. This app is compatible with the latest Android versions such as Marshmallow and Lollipop. Here, you can download the app. Additionally, you can read the detailed step-wise procedure on how to use the application.

Before rushing to download the application, read through some of the basic requirements that help the app to run successfully. Remember, failing to go through any of these steps would lead to frustration.

Please verify that you are human to download the Game Kille .apk file:

1. Your Android Device must be Rooted Android version 2.3+

The app only works on rooted devices. If your phone is not rooted, then first root it using KingRoot. From the information obtained from the users' reviews, this is the step that challenges most of the people. Rooting an Android device is not usually a simple task as it sounds.

However, it does not work on unrooted devices. KingRoot APK is recommended since it doesn't require PC to root; additionally, KingRoot is supported in a large number of devices. To know if your device is rooted, just run the .APK file; it results in “insufficient permissions” error message.

2. Turn on “Unknown Sources”

Another hiccup likely to encounter by users is an “installation blocked” error. To fix this hang-up, enable the “Unknown Sources” option on the “Application Settings” under the device's security menu. Once this setting is enabled, the app installs smoothly and launch with superuser (root) rights.

3. Game Killer only Modifies Offline Games

Apologies to anyone hoping to use the app to hack Clash of Clans. It does not modify games whose data is stored on remote servers. As a result, it cannot hack any game that needs an internet connection to play. For the app to work, the game must store all its scores and other critical data in the resident memory such that it can access and modify it.

4. You Must Read the Tutorial

Yes, for you to succeed in changing the life, score, or coin values, you must follow the tutorial to the letter. Most users who contact us with “how do I do this?” questions are usually unaware of the root requirements. To save yourself this hustle, read the tutorial and the developer's FAQ to get all the required information.

How to Modify Game Scores with the .APK Download?

This is a step-wise procedure on how to hack game scores using it.

1. Download Game Killer from our website. To do so, scroll up and verify that you are human to start the download.

2. Install the application on an Android device that meets all the requirements stated above.

3. Open the application

Game Killer APK Download

4. From the window that appears, press the back button or minimize. By so doing, an icon appears floating on the screen.

Game Killer APK

5. Open the game you are intending to hack and start playing it. Collect some coins or any other feature you intend to hack.

6. Click on the GK icon at the top. After clicking the icon, you'll see “Input number to do exact search…” prompt command. From there, enter the number of coins, scores or any other feature from the keyboard.

Press the search button, and tap auto identify on the window that appears. If you have 1000 coins, then enter 1000 from the bottom keyword and press search button.

7. If the results are multiple values, replay the game, collect more coins or other features and search again. Repeat this step until it displays a single value.

8. After getting a single value, tap on it and modify it to any value of your choice. For instance in the case above; if you enter 99999 now, you'll have 99999 coins from the original 1000 coins.

9. Keep modifying other features using the same procedure. You can also try the fuzzy search, floating number, etc. through practice. Remember practice is the best way of gaining knowledge and experience. At first, it appears tricky, but it gets easy to use after some time.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Game Killer APK Download

Note: – we regularly update FAQs and sort them according to the number of questions received in descending order.

Here are some of the top FAQs

1. On which Games does it work?

GK works for offline games only. Hacking online games is tough. As a result, we only hack the games whose servers are accessible to the application.

Advanced hacking and programming knowledge is required to hack online games. On the other hand, your performance in online games depends on your level of skills and patience.

2. I get “Installation Blocked” or such errors while installing. How do I fix it?

To fix this error, go to your device settings>security. Tap on “Unknown Sources” to enable it.

3. Am finding it hard to download Game Killer. What can I do?

Download failure is not a concise problem. This error can result due to some factors. However, try these steps:

  • Change the browser. Maybe your web browser does not support such downloads.
  • Maybe you clicked on ads instead of the download link. To avoid this, scroll up and click the green download button to get the correct one.

4. Can I use GK without having to root my device?

No. rooting your Android device is the first and most important step in using GK on your Android device. You can use KingRoot for this. However, if it does not work, try searching information on Google about how to root your device.

5. I don't want to root my device. Are there alternatives?

If rooting a phone isn't your thing, you can try using Lucky Patcher. Although different from Game Killer, Lucky Patcher works on non-rooted devices. However, it supports fewer games than GK.

6. Will I get banned by Google for using Game Killer?

No. Google won't ban you. In fact, they don't care whether you use it or not. It has a way of preventing game developers from getting information about it.

7. Which versions of Android does this app support?

Game Killer APK download supports a variety of Android versions from Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to Marshmallow (Android 6.0). However, older devices may not work with the latest version but are compatible with the previous versions.